Reception of  Foreign Affairs Office of Kyoto, Japan 2020-02-26

On the morning of February 26, 2020, the delegation of Foreign Affairs in Kyoto, Japan, consisting of 5 members, led by Mr. Iwamatsu Yosihide, visited the University of Foreign Languages, Hue University.


On behalf of the university, Dr. Nguyen Tinh - Vice Rector, Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Tra - Dean of Japanese Language and Culture Faculty, Dr. Nguyen Van Huy - Head of Office for Academic Affair, MSc. Pham Anh Huy - Head of Office for Student Affair, MSc. Lai Quoc Loc - Deputy Head of Office for Science, Technology and International Cooperation welcomed the delegation. At the meeting, the Kyoto Foreign Affairs delegation introduced Kyoto city, the training programs and scholarships of universities in Kyoto, and at the same time discussed the preliminary cooperation in education, short-term training programs and internships, ability to provide scholarships for students of Japanese Language and Culture Faculty to create opportunities for them to participate in the exchange study at universities in Kyoto, Japan creating students to continue their higher education and work at Japanese companies.



Kyoto is an old city  because it has no skyscrapers, embodies ancient Japan, legendary for its slow, peaceful and peaceful pace of life. It is estimated that more than half of Japan's ancient temples, shrines, and palaces are concentrated in Kyoto; according to statistics, the famous ancient capital of Kyoto has 14 ancient temples recognized by UNESCO as such a cultural heritage. gender. These temples become popular tourist destinations and attract tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Kyoto.